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Leverage your Brand. Expand Your Company’s Reach. Tap Into New Resources and Technologies.

Globalized consumer markets have made reaching target audiences more difficult than ever before. Traditional advertising is not capturing today’s consumer like it did 10+ years ago

Companies are looking for solutions that enable expansion and growth through leveraging integral partnerships with other successful businesses that compliment their brands and align with their core values.

RS Media matches brands who are targeting similar target markets and together develops strategic corporate partnerships that grow both brands and leverage each of their strengths to maximize results.

Experience in corporate partnerships spans from retail, sports, beverage, gaming, education, nonprofit and entertainment industries.

The one thing consumers will never move away from…. Content. The way consumers interact or receive their content may change (digital video, on demand services, social media influencers) but their consumption of content is increasing, not decreasing. So what better way to reach consumers than in the middle of that content, when they are most engaged? That's product placement.

Your business has mastered traditional advertising. It has mastered digital advertising. How do you reach consumers on a new level? Product Placement.

Whether your product is shown in action or placed in a location where your customer is more likely to see it and engage with it, the right Product Placement strategy can help you define your brand while increasing sales and brand awareness.

Imagine it: your product in a hit TV show or movie in any language. Or what about today’s top influencers with their millions of followers engaging with your product? The content you consume (social media, digital video, television, film, on location product interactions) is more memorable than any ad you may see along the way. Its not impossible, and its not always more expensive. It may in fact have the best ROI.

Let RS Media help you discover the power of Product Placement.

Let the Royalties Flow. Watch Your Business Grow.

Grow your brand exponentially, by licensing your brand in ways you may never have dreamed of. Consumers are engaging brands on more platforms than ever made available. Be where your consumers are. Thanks to digital technology being used in brick and mortar stores, online, and in traditionally mechanical machines, the cost to be in front of customers has reduced and the ability to be in front of them is easier than ever.

Increase marketing opportunities and your footprint with minimal costs all with Brand Licensing.

Whether you’re a company with a product wanting to capitalize on the success of another brand or a brand manager wanting to grow awareness through popular products – the symbiotic relationship that evolves through Brand Licensing is mutually beneficial.

With experience in gaming, entertainment, media, and retail licensing, RS Media has the capacity, insight and connections to help you find success through Brand Licensing.

Decades of Experience. A Record of Success.

RS Media and its associates collectively have decades of experience in Media, Marketing, Branding, Creative, Digital Media and Licensing. We not only have the know-how, but time-tested relationships with a wide range of industries and influencers in multiple countries operating in a dozen languages.

We believe that when you bring people together, great things can happen.

Let’s do great things for your brand, together.

Numbers that matter. All in one place.

Data visualization is key to making sure everyone is on the same page, literally. We don't leave one another in the dark, and our intuitive dashboard ensures that we have a point of reference to discuss metrics, analytics, and future goals.


About Us

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Brief Introduction

RS Media Inc. was established in 2016, and is a digital media and brand management firm specializing in brand licensing and white label digital media solutions. RS Media Inc. bridges the gap between consumers and products to enhance brand awareness in targeted industries to niche markets around the globe. This includes licensing, brand management, endorsements, and product placement. RS Media currently holds ownership and licensing for a unique digital media dashboard that integrates research, organic and paid digital media analytics, with ROI reporting and CRM integrations designed for use in a multitude of industries.

Meet our founder.

Agency owner Sara Mendez, studied international business before receiving a BS in Marketing and Management going on to a Global MBA writing a thesis on building bicultural brands - specific to American brands reaching the Hispanic market. After working in general market television in news, promotions, and research she went on to Univision television before starting a Hispanic research agency in 2006. Within 3 months of inception the agency had a full service team with experience spanning more than 40 years.

Sara has been an expert speaker for the American Travel Association on Hispanic Marketing, and a speaker for NIGA (National Indian Gaming Association) on casinos reaching the Hispanic market. Today, Sara consults for national and international companies, and manages a full team in multiple offices in California. She also teaches Global and Digital Marketing courses to MBA students at a local private University and has developed multiple Digital Media courses for multiple Masters programs.

Sara launched RS Media, Inc. in 2016 as a digital media company providing solutions for clients in a multitude of industries reaching today's consumers on digital platforms, utilizing a custom dashboard developed by the digital agency for clients with their analytics, goals, and needs in mind

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Did You Know?

57.5% of TV viewers notice brands in the programs they watch, increasing brand recognition.

* Journal of Management and Marketing Research

Did You Know?

70% of millennials are influenced by influencers.


Fun Fact!

52% of North Americans say they trust product placement ads.

*Barker, Shane

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